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Simplifying Communications.

We deliver call handling and data solutions for customers looking to improve business processes and to meet compliance without sacrificing functionality or exposing their businesses to risk .

We offer nothing but the best solutions available in the market

topCOM aim to establish a programme of continuous efficiency improvement in Data and Communications Service handling areas.


Wide Range of Solutions

topCOM offers services and solutions from small scaled businesses to large scaled organizations, offering the best technology solutions currently out in the market.

Test Performance

Our implementation of solutions includes a well-driven testing phase covering all aspects of processes,eliminating all risks and improving performance.

High Success Rate

topCOM is consist of of a team, which has hundreds of combined years of experience in dealing with almost any form of business processes. We take full pride in delivering our customer's expectations.


Extensive Product Portfolio

Our product portfolio is extensive, but core components that we deliver are as follows:

PCI-DSS Level1 compliance for merchants.
Live agent credit card handling with call recording and PCI-DSS certification.
Archiving historic call recording files that have customer credit card data stored which doesn't comply to PCI-DSS certification.
Communication strategy and planning
Disaster recovery and business continuity planning.
Cisco HCS and Finesse automated agent simulation and load testing.
External automated testing plans for telephone systems and carrier partners. Agnostic testing of PABX configuration, call flow, speech recognition, biometics and predictive dialler services.

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