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Many organisations have an understanding of who they call and how much they pay. Most do not understand who calls them and how those calls are routed.

This is where topCOM enters and provides the solution you need on how to manage and implement a series of effective inbound call handling methods and strategies.

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Inbound services offer much more than just having an 01,02, 03, 0800, 0844, 0845 or 0870, 0871 number for your customers to call in on. By using topCOM’s inbound services you can:

  1. Generate income when your customers call you
  2. Provide disaster recovery support for your business by easily re-routing inbound calls to other offices
  3. Understand and control of who is calling you, when and where from
  4. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns on a geographic basis
  5. Call record all or selected inbound calls
  6. Route calls to different offices from the same number
  7. Automatically have calls routed to different locations at different times of the day, week or year
  8. Have a local STD number for another city or country that delivers calls to your premises
  9. Receive calls from other countries via local country STD numbers or local country Inbound numbers
  10. IVR menu’s e.g. press 1 for sales, 2 for finance
  11. Web access to add, amend or delete your own customer routing plans and chosen services
  12. Load balance calls across specific ISDN or SIP trunk routes

The above features are just some of the functionality available via our Inbound services.

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