Mobile Call RecordingCompliant Mobile Phone Recording

The professional way to record all telephone conversations and SMS messages to and from mobile phones and meet future compliance standards.

The Compliant recording process provides corporate clients with a tamper proof system which allows recording of their mobile phones to take place either within the telecoms network or on the corporate’s own in-house recordings systems – whichever best fits the corporate policy.

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topCOM can provide you options about how mobile recording will be handled depending on your business flow.

This solution automatically records all calls for those mobile phones that are registered to the service. Each call is recorded and indexed along with the relevant details of the ‘calling’ or ‘called’ party and is available for replay from a secure link immediately after the call is finished.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to track the location of handsets
  • Service available on most modern handsets including Blackberry®
  • No need to change networks
  • No need to change mobile phone numbers
  • No need to change contracts with existing providers
  • Calls are available for immediate replay via secure access
  • Fully automatic compulsory recording, no user intervention required

Recrod SMS Texts

It is envisaged that future compliance laws will require that SMS texts are also recorded. The Compliant recording system already has a secure SMS recording module that works in the same way as the voice calls i.e. recording all traffic automatically in a tamper-proof process.

Usage-based charging

The Compliant mobile phone recording service is usage-based costing, which means there is no up front capital cost. This provides enormous benefit and flexibility as specific individuals and groups can be added or removed from the service as is necessary.

Key Benefits

  • Usage based charging – no upfront capital cost
  • Specific individuals and groups can be added to the service as demand dictates
  • Simple to use – virtually no training required
  • Future proof compliance solution (particularly within financial markets)
  • Rapid implementation and set-up
  • Pilot projects available - enquire now

The inclusion of mobile phones within an organisation's voice recording strategy ensures these devices are no longer the weak link in the corporations secure communications architecture.

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Mobile Data Gateways

topCOM have two options for customers to choose from when wireless data and voice services are required.


Option 1

a) WiFi connectivity for the LAN.
b) Ethernet 10/100mb cable services fro the LAN.
c) DHCP and content filtering services.
d) 4 way antenna system that measures the most resilient and fasted signal direction.

We have the option to also deliver a full PBX solution behind this device so you can instantly deliver voice and data services direct to a new site with no need to wait for ADSL or fixed line installations.
This product is also suitable for site offices, CCTV connections, temporary offices, mobile vehicles sending telemetry information

Option 2

Mobile Leased Lines

topCOM have two solutions allowing between 2 and 6 bonded mobile data sims to be used to provide between 6mb and 12mb plus download speeds with between 3mb and 6mb plus upload speeds.

This solution allows you to drop a leased line equivalent product on site with no wires required for connectivity.


We can deliver a solution that combines ADSL, leased lines and mobile 3G data services on a single device with the ability to failover to one of the other data types, but retain the same fixed IP addresses.

This allows our customers to plan and deliver a converged fixed and wireless failover solution, but retain both bandwith throughput to run their business and the IP addressing that enables external customers to access internally hosted applications.