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The topCOM.ltd VoIP Portfolio has been created by partnering with the industry’s leading providers of VoIP, to create a range of services that will provide solutions for almost any business requirement. All of our services can be mixed and matched to provide VoIP Telephony solutions across your business regardless of the current technology in place.

Benefits of VoIP

  • Reduced costs on PBX, lines and calls
  • Free calls between offices
  • Minimal hardware investment
  • Maximum flexibility and scalability
  • Five nines service levels
  • Single phone system for all branches and employees
  • All of the usual PBX features plus many advanced features
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Voice over IP (VoIP) has now evolved to be a major benefit to business communications locally, nationally and globally. Within the next 3 years it is estimated that more than 50% of corporate telecommunications will be run over IP Networks giving them flexibility, security, reliability and cost reduction. Customers can now benefit from new solutions that will meet your future needs without sacrificing existing investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already have an IP PBX that is connected to ISDN 30 +

    topCOM.ltd can provide an ‘IP Direct Connect’ (SIP) which is one of the first true IP transit services on the market. By connecting your sites directly into a Tier 1 carrier with an IP backbone you can have full PSTN connectivity plus the benefits of VoIP Telephony.
  • I have older PBX’s that are not IP compatible +

    topCOM.ltd can provide an IP Gateway device that delivers cost effective, reliable and secure VoIP Telephony to legacy PBX’s. An IP Gateway enables PSTN calls to be converted to IP, bringing IP functionality to a traditional PBX. This means you do not have to replace existing hardware in order to enjoy the benefits of IP Telephony
  • I need a new PBX for one or more of my sites +

    topCOM.ltd can provide you with either Hosted VoIP PBX platforms or traditional IP PBX’s. For traditional IP PBX please enquire.A Hosted VoIP PBX gives you access to all of the usual PBX functionality, but you do not have a PBX on site. An IP circuit is connected to your building and IP handsets are deployed. All of the PBX functionality is then performed at a network level by one of our carefully chosen providers.On top of the traditional PBX features, Hosted VoIP solutions provide greater flexibility and control than traditional PBX’s and include powerful new functionality. At a fixed cost per seat per month including maintenance, software upgrades, IP Phones and much more, you can easily control your PBX costs and improve the productivity and image of your business.A Hosted VoIP PBX also enables you to give smaller sites and homeworkers the same PBX services that larger sites enjoy. You can also get free inter-site calls and dialling plans.
  • I have small branch offices and home workers in the UK and overseas +

    topCOM.ltd can provide an easy to use IP telephony service that enables businesses to make voice calls across any broadband connection from their existing phones. It offers reduced call costs and free site to site calls whilst giving online access to a host of advanced calling features. This service is ideal for very small offices and home workers.
  • My company is made up of a mixture of large offices, some with IP PBX’s and some without. I also have a number of
    small branch offices and home workers +

    The topCOM.ltd VoIP Portfolio is flexible enough to accommodate a mixture of the above solutions to provide an VoIP solution to meet all areas of your business. All sites and users will get PBX functionality, cheaper call costs and free inter site calls. Also, any user can work at any site and retain their in and outbound numbers.
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